Remaining to be your trusted Mental Health provider.
psychologist listening to his client on the couch

Impact Carolina Services, Inc. was started in April 2008 in Lincolnton, NC, and caters to the needs of those suffering from emotional instability and those with substance abuse issues. The organization provides services to adults, children, youth, and families with a commitment to deliver the highest quality of services. Our treatment interventions depend on the individual’s stage of recovery and level of severity, disability, and motivation for treatment. We use an eclectic treatment model that is a person-centered solution that focuses on our intervention approach with compassion to bring wholeness to the individuals served.

The goal of Impact Carolina Services is to positively impact each life of the people served. We believe that every person has worth beyond monetary terms and that current situations can be positively enhanced. Impact Carolina Services is committed to enhancing the lives of those we provide our services to.

Our Mission

Impact Carolina Services, Inc. strives to positively impact the lives of individuals suffering from substance abuse and mental health problems.

Keep in Touch

Should you need our services, contact us anytime. We’ll be more than glad to help you with your needs.